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Founders Jeffrey & Tiffany Jones

Caliber Group Homes is a full-service real estate brokerage located in Thomasville, Georgia.  We service all of Southwest Georgia, and we are keenly aware that every buyer and seller has unique concerns, challenges, and considerations that must be taken into account during the real estate marketing and purchase processes.  We are a dedicated group of real estate professionals who possess an uncanny ability to think outside of the box and to identify practical, workable solutions.

The real estate market has changed considerably over the past several years, and Southwest Georgia is no exception.  By working closely with professionals in the banking and lending, insurance, and legal professions, we have been able to identify and develop solutions to challenges that, until now, have proven insurmountable.  It is our creativity and commitment to doing right by our customers and clients that sets Caliber Group Homes apart from every other real estate firm in Thomasville, Georgia and the surrounding communities in Southwest Georgia.

Why is Caliber Group Homes so different? 

What makes Caliber Group Homes truly unique when it comes to real estate companies? 

We network ourselves differently by thinking outside the box when it comes to solving your real estate needs!  Caliber Group Homes networks with other realtors, bankers, attorneys, builders, professional photographers, interior designers, fund managers, architects, stock brokers, insurance agents, business brokers and other key business people with the common goal of solving your real estate needs whether you are buying or selling!  This closely tied network enables Caliber Group Homes to do many creative things unheard of in the real estate industry at large giving our Buyers and Sellers added advantages when they place their trust in us!

Despite many negative real estate trends, Caliber Group Homes continues to thrive and be an innovative leader in the real estate industry through our “Out of the Box” approach to solving our client’s real estate needs.  Synergizing with our network gives you the needed advantage you’ve been looking for to accomplish your real estate goals whether you are buying or selling.  Give us a call and let us think “Outside the Box” for You!

It is all about relationship and knowing our clients and customer’s needs and desires.  We look forward to getting to know you and your family and what makes you tick.  Our casual atmosphere helps put you and your family at ease while we assess your needs and wants in a professional and friendly manner.

At Caliber Group Homes, we listen to you!

Before anyone can know you, they must first be able to spend time with you to hear your heart, your dreams and aspirations.  Once we’ve established a bond with you over coffee and donuts, and have a firm grip on what your desires are, we will walk you all the way through the process.

Caliber Group Homes is different because of relationships we’ve formed with other professionals that allow us uniquely to customize a solution for your particular real estate dilemma.  Whether you need to build, buy or sell, one of our friendly professionals will help you every step of the way by forming a friendship with you so you can rest at ease that your real estate problems will be solved. You will know that you and your property is being handled by someone you know and trust.  Someone who is connected with other key relationships that work together to solve your real estate challenge whether building, buying or selling!

About Us

We are a different type of real estate company, and we offer our buyers and sellers real, innovative solutions.

Let Caliber Group Homes help you handle your real estate needs in Thomasville Georgia and beyond.

Our Developments

condos1-150x141 Madison Grove is a community for people of all ages in charming old Thomasville, GA.

madison-grove-home Mitchell Place is located in the heart of Downtown Thomasville.

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